There are three friends, a Sardar, Pathan and English Man (born and brought up in India). They are thick friends with staunch beliefs of their own, but being secular and living in the UK, they celebrate each others festivals. They are friends in need and friends indeed. However during minor altercations between the Pathan and the Sardar, itís the Englishman who soothes the ruffled feathers and mockingly chides them with a threat of deportation. They share a strong friendship with their families.

The Englishman has a daughter. The Pathan has two daughters. The Sardar has a son.

Sunny who is the Sardarís son comes to the UK for further studies. The parents have little time for their children as they are busy with their own lives. However they do indulge their children and try to fulfill their demands. The Englishmanís daughter is about to get married in a Church. His Asian friends get together to do the Asian functions of Gidda, Bidai etc. Sunny and Sameera, the Pathanís daughter, meet for the first time and cupid strikes. They meet in college and their attraction for each other increases. They are young, in love and enjoy living. They go to clubs, pubs and restaurants and go for picnics. The Pathan and the respective families are not happy about the growing friendship between Sunny and Sameera.

The friendship develops into a full blown love-affair and both canít live without each other. The parents strongly oppose the relationship. Love has its own reasons and the couples believe and are confident that their parents will be liberal and will not object to their marriage but destiny has something else in store for them. The parents take a firm stand and their love is doomed. They canít marry, because they are from different communities.

The friendship between the parents of the couple turns into bitter enmity. They donít listen to their English friendís advice who ultimately advises the lovers to elope and get marriedÖ

What happens next is the crux of the storyÖ.

Will honour killings solve the problem and will the end justify the means OR will better sense prevail?

This film tackles the burning problem of honour killings in the UK.

A multi-cultural International Film by Avtar Bhogal.

Film Name: Honour Killings / God Forgive Them (Rubba Maaf Kareen in Punjabi)

Banner: ABC Films International
Banner: Ek Onkar Films Ltd.

Status: Ready to Release

Release Date: 27th February 2015 in England and Pakistan

Language: English, Punjabi and Hindi

Genre: Social

Shooting Locations: London, Punjab

Presenter: Manmohan Singh

Co-Producer: Buta Singh

Producer: Harjinder Singh and Manmohan Singh

Director: Avtar Bhogal

Star Cast: Zara Sheikh (Sameera), Sandeep Singh (Sunny), Jawed Sheikh (Badshah Khan), Tom Alter (Mr. Smith), Gulshan Grover (Harjinder Singh), Prem Chopra (Gurmail Singh), Clowe Wicks, Alexander Hulme, Sandeep Garcha, Manjeet Johal, Gurdial Sira, Cindy Sidhu, Karan Singh, Nad Nazir, Majid Hussain, Farzana Anwar, Wardah Khan, Ray Burnet (judge), Steven Drew (Police officer), Grant Huggair (Doctor), James Helder (Prison officer), Pammi Dhillon, Altaf Ali, Zeeshan Ali, Jas Juttla and Jas Gahir.

Singers: Shreya Ghosal, Kunal Ganjawala, Roop Kumar Rathod, Ravinder, Javed Ali and Lakhwinder Singh Wadali.

Lyricist: Dev Kohli

Music Director: Uttam Singh

Cinematography: Chris Tritchler

Choreography: Longinus Fernandes

Action Director: Matthew Routledge

Editor: Rajeev Gupta

Sound: Sona Chowdhary

Stills UK: Tommy Murshed, Joney Studio

RED Camera & Data Technician: Conrad Gaunt (

UK PR Agents: Sterling Media, UK PR & Marketing Partners

Media Consultant: Peter Martis

Media - India: Parul Chawla

Internet Networking: Ashwinee Gupta

Story / Writer: Avtar Bhogal

Screenplay & Dialogue (in Punjabi): R. S. Aatish

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